A FREE 3 Day event to help you get your craft stash organized so you can spend more time crafting and less time cleaning up

APRIL 21-23 2023

As papercrafters, we tend to accumulate loads of supplies, but we are all want the same thing...

Right now you spending time digging thru supplies when all you want to do is create

Find Supplies

Easily Find Supplies

Stop Collecting

     Stop collecting, start using!

Take Pride in Creations

Accomplish Tasks

Finish Craft Projects

The good news is!  We're here to help turn your craft space into your happy place!

We want to help you do more of what you love – craft! 29 experts in organization are here to share their best-kept secrets and tips on how to help you organize your space based on YOUR needs so you can whip out your next project in no time!

Maybe now you find yourself....

Drowning in Craft Supplies

Lacking the space you need

Constantly Frustrated Trying to Find Things

It's time to make your craft space your happy place so you can start using all those amazing supplies you have purchased!

The Details


This online events is on April 21st-23rd,  2023. 
The videos for each day will be released at 9AM EST and you will have 24 hours to watch them. 


This is a virtual event that can be watched from the comfort of your home. When you sign up for your free ticket, you'll be sent a schedule. Check your spam!


We will have 26 presentations available for 24 hours that will help you organize your crafting supplies once and for all. Once you register, you will also have the opportunity to upgrade and have lifetime and early access to all presentations. (details after you sign up)Once 


Crafting is more fun with friends. Join our free community over on Facebook to share your organization wins, tips and strategies with thousands of other papercrafters.


There will be prizes given away throughout the event. Gift Certificates, Courses, Swag and more!

Finally, an event to help you organize all the stuff you have

This event is put on by the top crafters in the papercrafting industry to bring you specific, mangeable organization tips that actually are used by those who craft professionally.

Not only will you have access to videos, but also to a podcast to listen to organization tips on the go.

All the speakers are crafters just like you who understand the needs of your craft space. The opportunity to connect with 30 papercrafting experts and like-minded crafters in one place has never been done before.


Meet your Speakers

Learn from these 30 wonderful crafting experts who understand your specific craft organization needs and can help turn your space into a place you love.

The Daily DIYer
Elevate your craft space with Scrapbook Paper

Paige Taylor Evans
Happy Scrappy Place Organization

Natasha Foote
Organizational tricks for Cardmaking Success

Tiffany Solorio
Monthly Craftroom Reset

Alyce Keegan 
Kit and Clowder

Swatching Colour Blends for Markers and Pencils

Simple Made Pretty
Cricut Craft Room Organization

Elisa Lessard
The Scrappy Wife
Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Rediscovering Your Creativity Through Organization

Ardyth Percy-Robb
ATTRACT-ive Organization Ideas!

Carissa Wiley
Creating A Workspace That Works For YOU

Tania Ahmed
The Importance of Using Your Supplies and Swatching!

Allie Trumpower
5 Tips for Organizing Printables for your Hybrid Projects

Carolyn Dube
Organizing your Gel Prints

Daniel West
Declutter and Clean Up for Messy Crafters

Einat Kessler
DIY Desk Organizer – Fun and Frugal Way to Store Pens and Brushes

Jess Crafts
Flip Thru Storage: Accessible not Visible

Juliana Michaels
Tim Holtz Storage and Organization Ideas

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Making Sense of Your Paper Stash

Therese Calvird
Color Story! A Visual Reference Guide to manage and organize your Supplies!

Keren Tamir
Embracing Your Imperfect craft room: organization tips to make a space your own

Naomi D. Garcia
 How to Organize Your Cricut Supplies

Nicki Baxley
Beautiful Bottle Organization

Ricky Bromero
Organization That Didn’t Workout

Mary Polanco
Storing Your Stencil Stash

Lauren Hinds
Organizing Punches and Photos

Justine Hovey 
3 Countries. 7 Craft Spaces. Make any size craft space work

Laurel Beard 
Rise it up. Use height to gain more space and organization

Pick and choose your favorite sessions that interest you


Justine Hovey has been cardmaking and scrapbooking since she was 16 years old. It started as a hobby turned into an obsession and she soon began working on numerous design teams, creating YouTube videos, and even guested on HSN. Justine moves a lot and has had more craftrooms than she can count. She finally feels like she has the perfect organization formula.



Laurel Beard has been a cardmaker in the papercrafting industry for over 15 years. She has served on many design teams and has a popular youtube channel. She prides herself on using what she has and uses the mentality “it's just paper” when creating. Her motto is art should be fun!  As a content creator and crafter, it is easy to get lost in all the supplies and “must haves” that have piled up over the years. Laurel has finally found a way to keep herself organized and her craft room clean. 

It's time to...

– let go of the perfect organization strategies that don't work for you 

– whip your creative space into your happy place

– stop hoarding supplies and put them to use

Spend more time crafting and less time cleaning up.


The event is completely free to everyone who registers. You will have access to the presentations for 24 hours after they go live at 9am EST. This means if a presentation is scheduled for Friday. It will be available from 9am Friday EST until 8:59am EST Saturday.

There is an option to buy Ultimate Bundle Organization pass. Those with this pass will have ongoing access to the presentations. We don't like to say lifetime because what does that really mean, but rather very longterm access. Ultimate Bundle Pass holders can watch the presentations immediately upon purchase and don't have to wait for the event to start. Plus you'll have plenty of time to download all the bonuses.

The presentations are pre-recorded. Once you register, you'll receive a schedule (check your spam!). The presentations can be viewed on this website for 24 hours.

Right here on the Papercrafters Get Organized website. Each presentation will be available for 24 hours before disappearing. If you'd like more time to watch the videos, consider upgrading to the VIP pass.

Cardmakers, Scrapbookers, Cricut masters, anyone who enjoys cardmaking, scrapbooking, art journaling, hand lettering and overall possesses a love for pretty pens, paper and similar supplies will enjoy this event!

Life happens, we get it. We encourage you to sign up for the Ultimate Organization Bundle so you can watch the presentations at your leisure. When you register for your free ticket, you will be directly asked if you'd like to upgrade to Ultimate Organization Bundle.

All speakers will have their contact information available in the speaker information section. You're welcome to ask any questions you may have. Of course, as hosts, we can't guarantee that questions will be answered but I'm sure everyone will try their best. You can also try tagging the speaker in the Facebook group.

In our experience, people buy too many courses and never get passed their first lesson. We want you to get started straight away and ride the wave of inspiration.

If you feel like it's not enough time, you're welcome to upgrade to VIP.

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Facebook is there to simply give the participants a chance to ask questions to the community, share progress photos and interact. 

Any important information regarding the summit itself will arrive by email, not Facebook.

Live Streams with the speakers will be hosted outside of Facebook.

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If you're emailing during the event, it could take a few hours to get back to you as we will be busy behind the scenes.

Email us at info@papercraftersgetorganized.com

Get your free ticket now to get well on your way to your ideal craft space!!!