Speaker Information + Resources

Welcome to the Paper Crafters Get Organized Summit taking place April 21st – 23rd, 2023. Laurel and Justine are so happy you have agreed to be a speaker at this event. The goal is to help paper crafters organize their space, based on their needs, so they can actually get back crafting, do what they love and access all those amazing benefits that creating gives us. 


How it'll all work

The PCGO summit will run from Friday, April 21st until Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 with about 8-10 presentations running throughout each day. These presentations will include 15-25 minutes of pre-recorded content. The video presentations for that day will unlock at 9am EST and be available for 24 hours. This way everyone has the opportunity to watch when it is convenient for them. Our attendees are going to walk away with tons of knowledge about craft organization. 

Alongside the presentations, there will be a Facebook group for participants to interact in throughout the event. You are not required to participate in the Facebook group, however, it is a great place to interact with the participants and build connections. The Facebook group adds more value to the summit because additional questions can be answered, a community will be built and interactions throughout the event strengthen participation and continued watch time.

If you're interested in going live with the attendees (optional, but encouraged), you are welcome to go live with the attendees during specific time slots. We will also be having a few speaker panels throughout the event. We will email you more about that later to see if you are interested.

In addition to all of this great exposure, Laurel and Justine have also started a Podcast for this event. Every speaker will have the opportunity to be a part of our podcast on their own featured episode (optional). We will be providing all your contact information in the show notes to further help promote you as a content creator. 

There will also be some opportunities for the community to come together on Zoom. For example, one event will be an Art Therapy Hour of Colouring at the end of one of the event days. You are welcome to attend and participate, but again it's not required.

Leading up to the event, we will have two weeks of promotion. You'll be provided with email, graphics and social media swipe copy to make it super easy to promote the event. We will also provide an example promotion schedule to follow. As a speaker, you are required to promote the event in at least one dedicated newsletter email (this means nothing else is being advertised in the email, it's just about the summit) and one additional email (you're welcome to include other information that is non-summit related). Additionally we require 2 posts to any social media account leading up to the event. Speakers who consistently promote the summit generally see an increase and potentially thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions so please share! The more you share, the more you and every other speaker, will benefit.

During the two week promotion period and one week after the summit is over, we will be promoting the Ultimate Organization Bundle. This includes early and ongoing access to the presentation videos, as well as plenty of bonuses provided by the speakers (optional) to make the summit more enticing. participants will automatically be redirected to this upsell after signing up for the free ticket. This will make affiliate sales soar and truly irresistible because it will add so much value to the attendee experience.

What We'll need from you

So this all sounds great – amazing exposure, a chance to grow your mailing list significantly, high opportunity for affiliate income. But what is required from you? Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you to be successful and we are available to chat if you have any questions or doubts, just shoot us an email at info@papercraftersgetorganized.com and Justine or Laurel will meet with you personally.

1. Basic Information 

The first thing we'll need from you is some basic information so we can make your speaker page look incredible and finish our registration page. That's right! You'll be featured right on the front our website. We want to promote you!

This includes:
Title (designer, content creator, etc).
Square Headshot (colour)

Once you give us the thumbs up that you're in, I'll send over a link where you can update this information really easily.

2. Presentation Slot Scheduled

The next thing I'll need from you is to schedule your presentation day. You can sign up for your presentation day here. You only need to schedule your presentation day IF you are going live that day on Facebook. The rest of the presentations we will assign a day for since you won't need to be around that weekend for any live events.The attendees will absolutely love to see, hear and interact with you! It's a great opportunity to address questions. You can choose your time slot here. Please sign up for a time slot and we will schedule your presentation to go live on that specific day.

3. Presentation

Next up is your presentation! This is a 15 – 30 minute pre-recorded presentation that is meant to be more friendly and casual, than highly staged and professional. We want our attendees to learn something great from you and have fun in the process! We want realistic, relatable speakers who aren't the picture perfect crafter.

We want you to have complete creative freedom over your presentations. However, our attendees are here to learn something. They shouldn't be left feeling like they need to buy something further in order to get all the information (webinar style). We want them to have all information they need from you. As for your video, you can have a mixture of different styles:

– Slides with information and photos while you narrate.
– Just your gorgeous face telling us all about your topic (talking head)
– A mixture of slides and talking head
– and our course whether it's photos or videos, if your topic is about a certain way you organize something – we want to see how! Feel free to show us on video or take us on a tour of an area of your craft space.

No matter what you plan on doing, you're welcome to use your summit video for anything you'd like 90 days after the summit is over. So although you are creating your presentation for the summit, just know you can take all that hard work and use it again in the future on your platforms. We would respectfully ask that the summit video be used as a paid item or an item for your Patreon/Members, rather than a simple free video on YouTube. We don't want people to feel that there was no point in upgrading their ticket. You can use your footage though on YouTube and redo the voiceover if you like.

Your presentation should include:

A Quick Overview of your Topic
The Problem / Where people tend to go wrong / where people overcomplicate things 
Teaching Section / Solution
(optional) a 2 minute pitch at the end of the video

What pitch? While you are welcome to pitch anything you like, we highly recommend something free that is highly relatable to your topic. This will increase the likelihood that the attendees will sign up for your item and therefore sign up for your mailing list. From there, you can set up tripwires to start promoting your personal paid products, digital courses, or anything you might sell and increase your sales! If you have no idea what tripwires are or how to take advantage of this, let us know and we'd be happy to help you with that.

Presentations are due anytime before March 15th, 2023

Your speaker checklist has the link to submit the presentation and we will also send an email with this link closer to the due date.

4. Promotion

The power of a summit is that experts are coming together for a single cause – craft organization, which we all know means so much more than a pretty space to craft in. A summit is not only extremely valuable to the attendee, but it is also the fastest way to grow your email list.

Our promotion period will begin on April 6th, 2023

As a speaker, you are required to communicate the summit through 2 newsletters and 2 social media posts at any time throughout the promotion period. One of these emails MUST be a dedicated email including summit information only and nothing else that you offer. If you don't have a newsletter, you will be required to post 4 social media posts on your most popular platform(s).

After that, promoting is up to you, but we recommend promoting as often as you can throughout the event. In the past, Laurel and Justine have participated in several summits on various topics and walked away with thousands of dollars in commission (whoop!) and it's due to continuous promotions rather than brief mentions here and there.

We are also willing to write a dedicated guest email for your list, do a social media takeover, or go live with you on your social media page or Facebook group (with your affiliate link) to help you increase those promotions! Just send us over an email info@papercraftersgetorganized.com if you're interested in doing that.

Please note that the summit does require a lot of technology that needs testing. Laurel and Justine will be sending out a test email to 10% of their audience on April 5th to make sure that everything is working. The last thing we would want is to have you send your audiences and there be problems. We want this to be as smooth as possible for your audience.

You'll find everything you need to promote in the Resource Vault below (will be updated early March).

5. Live Participation

As previously mentioned, there are several opportunities to go live with the attendees. Feel free to sign up for the day of your presentation for a live slot to chat with attendees (first come, first serve). 

There will also be an expert panel discussion during the event based on certain topics. We will ask specific speakers to be a part of this event that fit best for the topic. Keep an eye out for our email

Affiliate Details

While summits are great for overall exposure, visibility and making new connections, extra income certainly doesn't hurt and from past summit experiences…sometimes it's not just a little extra income…but a lot! In fact, this has been a main source of income for us this past year.

We have set up an affiliate program for the Ultimate Organization Bundle. This way you will receive a commission for anyone that buys an upgrade to the free ticket. You will receive your commissions 30 days after the event on May 22nd, 2023.

The commission structure is as follows:
Speakers: 45%
Speakers who provide a resource for the Ultimate Organization Bundle: 55%

The pricing structure  for the Ultimate Organization Bundle will be:

$39 for the 20 minutes after initial opt-in 
$59  EARLY BIRD PRICE (April 6th – 20th) 
$99  (during summit until May 6th)

The $39 offer is a one-time offer for the Ultimate Organization Bundle. When the attendee signs up for the FREE ticket, they will be redirected automatically to the $39 flash offer with a 20 minute countdown time to sign up. If they don't sign up right then and there, there will be the option to upgrade throughout the entire event based on the price structure above ($59 before the event and $99 during/after).

As mentioned, to make things easier we have compiled a resource vault where you can find emails that you can copy and paste, social media captions, graphics and more. However, you are welcome to write your own emails, write your own Facebook ads, etc. Although this is our first time running this particular summit, other summits in the papercrafting industry have generated a 15-25% conversion rate (15-25 people out of 100 buy an upgraded ticket).

Just remember to use your affiliate link when promoting, you can find that here! Don't forget when promoting that you mention it's an affiliate link.

6. Ultimate Organization Bundle and/or Freebie Contribution

The Ultimate Organization Bundle will be a huge addition to the presentations and a great way for you to collect additional leads. To make this even more valuable, we are asking our speakers to provide a resource to add to the bundle. This contribution will only be given to paying customers. This could include things like:

Courses (big and small)
Limited-Time Memberships
Value should be above $20

We don't recommend any physical products because the attendee list could easily get into the 1000s. 

It's totally up to you to provide something for the bundle – this can be something new or something you already have released and created. No need to reinvent the wheel! 

Remember when our Ultimate Organization Bundle attendees click and download your contribution, these are INTERESTED leads! These are hard to come by and very valuable. 

Speakers who contribute to the bundle, will receive an affiliate commission of 55% of their ticket sales. Speakers who choose not to contribute to the bundle will receive a 45% commission of their sales.

Your contribution is due March 20th. We will send out a link closer to the due date to collect this information from you or you can submit your contribution here.

FREEBIES are another way to collect leads throughout the summit. Freebies will be available to all attendees during the weekend of the summit. These are small contributions that participants can download during the 24-hour window. This is a great way to collect leads (email addresses) for your newsletter. If you don't have a newsletter, this is a great time to start so you can start your list off strong. Laurel and Justine are happy to answer any questions about mailing lists and their value, which programs we recommend, etc.

Freebies work best and attract more downloads when they are related to the topic of your video or are related to something you specialize in as a crafter. This resource can be something you already offer, usually for free.

Freebies can consist of:
Infographics/Guides (decluttering tips, checklists, organizing planner pages)
Invitation to a live class, crop, seminar
Single SVG file
An exclusive video on YouTube or your website
…got something else to offer? Let us know!

You can submit your freebies here.

Resource Vault

Here are the resources we promised to make your life easier. You'll find everything in this folder in MARCH. We promise to have everything ready well in advance so you can plan your marketing. You'll find:

A pretty blog badge/social media badge
Email Swipe Copy including a promotion schedule
Social media swipe copy
Social Media Graphics

Current Action Steps

If you've made it this far, you're amazing! That was a lot to cover. 

Let's summarize quickly what you have to do:

  1. Let us know if you're in or if you need to schedule a chat for follow-up questions
  2. Join the speaker Facebook group
  3. Provide your information 
  4. Schedule your presentation slot if you are going live on Facebook
  5. Sign up for your affiliate account

The rest of it will come through to you by email, along with some reminders. Don't forget to download the to do list so you don't forget anything!

Important Dates

Basic Information: January 25th
Presentation: March 15th, 2023
Ultimate Organization Bundle Contribution:
March 20th – we may ask for the graphic earlier so we can get the marketing graphics finished!
Promotion Period:
April 6th-April 30th
Early Bird Pricing Ends:
April 20th
Summit Dates:
April 21-23, 2023
Ultimate Organization Bundle Unavailable for further purchase:
May 6th, 2023
Affiliate Payouts:
May 22nd, 2023


If you have any questions at any point, just send us over an email to info@papercraftersgetorganized.com