Affiliate Information + Resources

Welcome to the Paper Crafters Get Organized Summit taking place April 21st – 23rd, 2023. Laurel and Justine are so happy you have agreed to be an affiliate for this event and help us promote it! The goal is to help paper crafters organize their space, based on their needs, so they can actually get back crafting, do what they love and access all those amazing benefits that creating gives us. 


How it'll all work

The PCGO summit will run from Friday, April 21st until Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 with about 8-10 presentations running throughout each day. These presentations will include 15-25 minutes of pre-recorded content. The video presentations for that day will unlock at 9am EST and be available for 24 hours. This way everyone has the opportunity to watch when it is convenient for them. Our attendees are going to walk away with tons of knowledge about craft organization. 

Alongside the presentations, there will be a Facebook group for participants to interact in throughout the event. You are not required to participate in the Facebook group, however, it is a great place to interact with the participants and build connections. The Facebook group adds more value to the summit because additional questions can be answered, a community will be built and interactions throughout the event strengthen participation and continued watch time.

Some speakers will also be going live with the attendees throughout the event. We will also be hosting a couple speaker panels to build connections with the audience.

In addition to all of this great exposure, Laurel and Justine have also started a Podcast for this event. Every speaker will have the opportunity to be a part of our podcast on their own featured episode (optional). This is another great bonus for attending the event.

There will also be some opportunities for the community to come together on Zoom. For example, one event will be an Art Therapy Hour of Coloring at the end of one of the event days. You are welcome to attend and participate, but again it's not required.

Leading up to the event, we will have two weeks of promotion. You'll be provided with email, graphics and social media swipe copy to make it super easy to promote the event. We will also provide an example promotion schedule to follow. As an affiliate, you are required to promote the event in at least one newsletter email. Additionally we require 1 post to any social media account leading up to the event. Affiliates who consistently promote the summit generally see an increase and potentially thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions so please share! 

During the two week promotion period and one week after the summit is over, we will be promoting the Ultimate Organization Bundle. This includes early and ongoing access to the presentation videos, as well as plenty of bonuses provided by the speakers (optional) to make the summit more enticing. Participants will automatically be redirected to this upsell after signing up for the free ticket. This will make affiliate sales soar and truly irresistible because it will add so much value to the attendee experience.

Affiliate Details

We have set up an affiliate program for the Ultimate Organization Bundle bundle. This way you will receive a commission for anyone that buys an upgrade to the free ticket. You will receive your commissions 30 days after the event on May 22nd, 2023.

The commission structure is as follows:

30% commission for all purchase made with your affiliate link. Sign up for your link here.

The pricing structure will be:

$39 for the 30 minutes after initial opt-in 
$59 until the summit weekend (April 6th – 20th) 
$99 afterwards (April 21st-30th)

As mentioned, to make things easier we have compiled a resource result where you can find emails that you can copy and paste, social media captions, graphics and more. However, you are welcome to write your own emails, write your own Facebook ads, etc. Although this is our first time running this particular summit, other summits in the papercrafting industry have generated a 15-25% conversion rate (15-25 people out of 100 buy an upgraded ticket).

Just remember to use your affiliate link when promoting, you can find that here (link coming soon)! Don't forget when promoting that you mention it's an affiliate link.

Resource Vault

Here are the resources we promised to make your life easier. You'll find everything in this folder. Includes:

Email Swipe Copy including a promotion schedule
Social media swipe copy
Social Media Graphics
Slide Templates

Current Action Steps

If you've made it this far, you're amazing! That was a lot to cover. 

Let's summarize quickly what you have to do:

  1. Sign up for an affiliate account.
  2. Join the affiliate Facebook group (optional)

We will send out a reminder one week before the promotion period gets started so that you can schedule your emails accordingly.

Important Dates

Promotion Period for Affiliates: April 10th-April 30th
Summit Dates:
April 21-23, 2023
Ultimate Organization Bundle Unavailable for further purchase:
May 6th, 2023
Affiliate Payouts:
May 22nd, 2023

If you have any questions at any point, just send us over an email to